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Immerse yourself in Japan!

1.Experience Kimono package deal
13,000yen per person or 7,000yen for kids under 12
Tour time: 12:30-19:00
Our package includes rental fee for kimono of your choicee, traditional tea ceremony experience, visit to a local shrine , for those who are 20years or older one free beer at a local Izakaya, a local Japanese bar.
( We will help you get dressed in Kimono)

2.Our second package is “Learn more about Kimono” .
9,000yen per person or 5,000yen for kids under 12.
We will focus on Kimono basics for example, how to dress in Kimono with hanhaba obi by yourself,  learn about different kinds of Kimono and when to wear them.
This package also includes Kimono rental fee.

3.Our third and final deal is “the Kimono to go package”.

8,000yen per person per day or 4,500yen for kids under 12.
In this simple package, we will help you get dressed in Kimono, and then you are free to spend a day at your leisure.
Package includes Kimono rental fee and dressing fee.
You can rent Kimono on a multiple days. Please return your kimono to the shop by 6p.m. on the final day.

We can arrange professional photos. Price may vary.
You can purchase the kimono you wore in the experience.
If you prefer a new kimono, we have a large selection to choose from.

Our shop policy requires fully refundable deposit for each kimono rented.

We have kimonos ranging from 130cm to 185cm of height readily available. If you are over 180cm, please contact us ahead of time so we can ensure we have your size available. We have kimonos up to 4L (Waist approximately 120cm, hip approximately130cm

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